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Windows of Salvation –

“Snakes.  Why did it have to be snakes?” said Indiana Jones, looking down into the chamber in which was held the Ark of the Covenant in the Raiders of the Lost Ark.  I hear you, Dr. Jones., I hear you.  Alongside spiders and dentists, snakes have always been a source of fear and trembling for people throughout history.  Well, we […]

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Eucharistic Prayer I (The Big Kahuna)

All right, here she is – the Big Kahuna, Eucharistic Prayer I. <Editorial comment commencing> The other Eucharistic Prayers are beautiful and stuffed with important truths of our faith, but next to this one, they seem like child’s play.  This prayer is the oldest, it’s the longest, and it’s jam-packed with stuff…which also means that generally, […]

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The Oblation of the Heart

Well, there they go again.  Just as you’re sitting down with your coffee to enjoy this wonderful bulletin article (because you’re not reading it during Mass, right?  Right???), they have to go throw more vocabulary in there – “Oblation.”  So what’s an oblation? Well, the best way to think about it is that an oblation […]

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The House of the Rising Son

It strikes me as interesting how much the sun impacts our daily lives. It’s important for temperature, for growing food, for telling time, and it even creates mass chaos on the highways at certain times of day (Ever hear of a sun visor or sunglasses, people? Good grief!)  Its amazing what impact that ball of fire has […]

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