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Finance Committee

Understanding the need to gather our collective wisdom and to share responsibility for the life and growth of the parish, we are actively engaged in a consultative capacity with the pastor regarding parish and school financial matters.Members of the Finance Committee should have demonstrated financial/business management background/skills.

Examples of professions with such background/skills include, but are not limited to: accountants, bankers, business owners, computers/systems managers, construction project managers, engineers, financial managers, fundraisers, lawyers, marketing personnel and property managers.


  • Annual capital and operating budget
  • Financial records and reporting
  • Strategic planning
  • Internal controls

Finance Committee Officers

  • Ed Kopff, Chairman
  • Tim Leon
  • Meg Kellogg
  • Marc Langhauser
  • Karen Robertson
  • John Voda

Currently, there are openings for members. Interested persons should contact the rectory or Ed Kopff. Appointments will be during October

Meetings are held monthly and are closed due to the confidential nature of the matters discussed. Committee members do not have access to the records of individual parishoners, which pertain to their financial contributions or other confidential information

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