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Make a Gift

We are all given just a few short years to “Build the Kingdom.” There are many opportunities to make charitable donations to St. Michael’s and leave a lasting gift to the church.

Where your donation funds can go:

  • St. Michael’s Endowment Fund
  • General Donations to the Parish
  • Scholarship Funds for Educational support
  • Carol Sommer Scholarship Fund

Methods of Giving

There are many different ways you can contribute to the St. Michael’s Endowment Fund. Below are examples of possible ways to donate:

  • Outright gifts: Such as direct donations to St. Michael’s Endowment Fun by individuals, or through pledge programs and special events.
  • Bequests: a gift given to St. Michael’s Endowment Fund through a will
  • In Honor of loved ones: Contributions made to St. Michael’s as a personal tribute or as a memorial to loved ones.
  • Death notices: For published obituary suggested wording: “Direct contributions to be made to St. Michael’s Endowment Fund in lieu of flowers.”
  • Gift annuity: A gift given in return for the right to fixed payments (present or deferred) for one or two persons’ lives.
  • Charitable Remainder Trust: A gift that provides a fixed periods of life-long interest income to the donor and/or beneficiaries
  • Gift of personal residence: Giving a residence to St. Michael’s Endowment Fund with life use and enjoyment retained by donor
  • Gift of life insurance policy: Taking out a policy naming St. Michael’s Endowment Fund as owner, beneficiary or co-beneficiary
  • Gift Loan: Making a 3- year interest free loan to St. Michael’s with income proceeds retained by St. Michael’s Endowment Fund
  • Donor Advisory Fund: A fund established by an individual, family or organization where interest income is distributed with the donor’s guidance.
  • End of the Year Giving: End of the year is a tradition that marks the beginning of the Ultimate Gift – God’s gift of His only son, Jesus Christ. As stewards of the gifts God has bestowed upon us, it is our opportunity to give back to our parish, especially during this time season of giving. Your gifts are truly appreciated and will be a part of keeping the tradition alive for future generations
  • Donations and tax benefits: All gifts made before December 31 are tax deductible for the tax year in which the gift is made. You can not only give cash donations, securities and depreciated securities give you a tax benefit and are a benefit to the church.

St. Michael’s has estate and will planning options available if you would like to include St. Michael’s in your will.

All contributions, both great and small, are greatly appreciated. Please make contributions payable to St. Michael’s Church or if you are giving to a specific parish fund, make it payable to that fund, i.e. Endowment Fund, and send your donation to the rectory:

St. Michael’s Church
7622 Sutherland Ave.
St. Louis, MO 63119

If you are sending a contribution earmarked for the Endowment Fund, please note on the envelope.

If you would like more information about making a specific donation, please contact Fr. Kevin Schroeder at 314-647-5611 or e-mail the rectory to set up an appointment at rectory@stmike.org.

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