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St. Vincent DePaul Society

Society_of_St_Vincent_De_Paul_28dae_450x450The primary mission of St. Michael’s St. Vincent DePaul Society is to provide direct assistance to households within the boundaries of St. Michael’s parish by providing food, clothing, rent assistance and utility assistance to those in need. Serving Christ’s needy is the primary work of the Society of St.Vincent DePaul. We depend on members of St. Michael’s Parish to donate food and financial help to enable us to carry out our work.

If you or someone you know in the parish needs services from St. Vincent DePaul, please leave a message with your phone number on the help line at 314-520-4919 and one of our Vincentians will call you.

How else can you help?

  • Volunteer at the St. Louis council office: Volunteer opportunities are offered for individuals, families and groups. Call 314-881-6020 for more information.
  • Donate to a SVDP thrift store: Help those in need by donating gently used furniture, household items and clothing. Call 314-881-6020 for more information.
  • Your financial help and food donations will help us greatly in our effort to bring hope to those in need.

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